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Perks of being Canadian and living across the street from Walmart

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Interviewer: I can see you becoming a mainstream artist. Is that of interest to you? Is that where the label would like to take you?
Lights: Of course, a label wants you to be successful. They want to make money. That's where you have to stand up for what you create and what you're best at. There has to be an understanding of 'I'm going to make the music I love,' and if it happens to be something that does well, that's awesome, but I'm not going to make something targeted a certain way to make that happen, that's the difference. I'm not going to sit here and say 'I want this song to be on the radio, so I'm going to make it sound like everything on the radio.' That's a different direction, and one I'm avoiding, but I want to make everything sound great, and I have these great visions for what my music is, and I'm in an interesting position where my music falls in this category between pop and indie/electronics. It's this little crack that I find myself in and I'm straddling these two worlds and it's an interesting place to be for sure. As long as I can live in this crack, I love it. I get to make the music I love, but it's not poppy enough to be on the radio. So you're abiding what's essentially pop music in an indie world and in the indie world, your nose is to the grindstone. You're not making crazy amounts of money, I don't have cars and all this crazy stuff, but you get to play the music you love.
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Lights & Stanley

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Beau Bokan & LIGHTS | blessthefall & LIGHTS

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